What GAUGE can do for you

Specialist Consultancy

Services include specialist consultancy on sustainability, inclusion and the built environment. This includes brief development, performance specifications, target setting, options analysis, design assessments, building audits and technical advice. There is a particular focus on developing high-performance built environments and the capacity to develop and manage these.

Planning and Design

Services include master planning, architectural and product design. This includes contextual analysis, brief development and responsive and integrated design development as well as testing and piloting of options. Effective planning and processes are used to ensure that social, economic and environmental aspects are addressed in a balanced and integrated way

Project Development and Management

Services include programme and project design and management. Highly structured processes aligned to international best practice methodologies have been refined and developed by Gauge ensure that projects achieve their objectives within required timeframes and cost. Project management processes have also been developed by Gauge to achieve specific sustainability and inclusion objectives.

Tools, Guides and Methodologies

Services include the development of tools including assessment tools and indicator frameworks, guidelines and methodologies, processes and protocols. These ensure that goals, such as specific sustainability and inclusion targets, are effectively integrated, and achieved, in projects. Tools developed include BEST, SBAT, SBMI and SFM and a range of guides have been developed for companies, cities and countries.  

Policy, Strategy and Operational Planning

Services include policy and legislative reviews as well as the development of new policy, strategy and operational plans. Structured frameworks are applied to ensure policy cohesion and enable different role-players work together in a coordinated and effective way to achieve sustainability and inclusion objectives. Work has involved reviews, policy development and strategic operational planning at national and corporate levels.

Training and Capacity Development

Training and capacity development services, including introductory and specialist courses on sustainable and inclusive built environments are provided. Standard and tailored course are offered in person or online and courses can be accredited by professional associations, training authorities and higher education institutions, where required. Training has been provided for built environment professionals, government officials, community groups and corporations